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Rotational Shot Put Technique Corrections


Rotational Shot Put


After the right leg sweeps around the outside of the circle, the right foot drives across the ring into the middle of the circle. The right leg penetrates the ring with a powerful drive upward as it accelerates forward. The left leg should stay down with the knee bent, ready to push off toward the front of the circle as the right legs move toward the front of the circle. The shoulders should remain level during the drive to the middle; the shot stays behind the right hip, and the left arm extended left arm while remaining inside the left knee.

As the right leg moves past the middle of the ring, the right hip and foot should be pre-turned to set up the landing position. The left leg actively pushes off out of the back of the circle; the thrower will bring the knees together in the middle of the circle to help develop more velocity and create more torque in the power position.

The shot remains behind the hip as the right foot touches down past the middle of the circle. The shot can rise up slightly into the middle of the circle, similar to the high point in the discus, just not as extreme. The left arm will drop down into the middle of the circle, slowing down the upper body creating additional separation from the lower body. 



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