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General Warm Up Routine for the Throws


The warm up is designed to elevate body temperature, improve blood flow to the muscles, increase body awareness, stimulate the nervous system, create a greater range of motion in the muscles needed for the training session and decrease the risk of injury. The nervous system and musculoskeletal system that generate force are activated more rapidly to generate force with a proper warm up protocol.

Besides preparing the body for the upcoming workout, the warm up can improve the athletic qualities needed in track and field such as strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

Thrower X has another free video on warm ups

Warm Up Progression
The warm up routine will start with total body movements and progress to event specific activities.  The initial exercises in the warm up are controlled low intensity movements focusing on flexibility and proper mechanics with short rest periods. As the warm up progresses, higher intensity exercises with more dynamic movements are performed to increase the body’s range of motion and stimulate the nervous system in preparation for the training session. Dynamic sprint drills with varying intensity and motion will increase body awareness and improve the physical qualities needed for training.




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