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Circuit Training for Strength and Specific Needs


Circuit training is used to train different physical and physiological qualities by employing a variety of exercises that focus on specific muscle groups, movement patterns and athletic positions.

Special development exercises that require technical precision and high levels of concentration may be difficult for less experienced athletes to perform in circuit training. According to Circuit Training for All Sports, special development exercises, “should be included in circuit training provided that their execution technique is properly mastered by young athletes” (Scholich & Klavora, 2003, p. 59).

Circuit training can be used with track and field athletes to improve specialized endurance based on the goals of the program. Circuit training should include stimulation to provoke a specific endurance adaptation related to anaerobic or aerobic abilities to improve muscular endurance.

Javelin Throw Shoulder Strength

Javelin throwers need to develop specific shoulder strength and mobility using exercises simialr to the movements in the video.

Mike Young in his article Developing Event Specific Strength for the Javelin Throw, he stated, "The javelin throw is very different from the other throwing events. As a result special consideration must be taken when developing a training program to produce event specific strength. Coaches must remember that an athletes’ adaptation to training is specific to the stress placed on them" (View Article).

Circuit training is a great way to develop strength and mobility in isolated muscular structures needed for specific athletic movements like the javelin throw.



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